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Mines & Quarry

Microhumus supports quarries and mines operators in their various environmental challenges, whether in the recovery of their operating waste rock (SubsTer®) or in the sustainable restoration of their site  (OptimSitu_Carrière®)

Our Expertise



Subster® makes it possible to manufacture substitute topsoil from waste rock from quarries, inert materials, decontaminated soil... 


In a context of urbanization, the anthropization of environments is an increasingly important threat to fertile soil resources. The Useful Agricultural Area (UAA) of France is decreasing, and agricultural soils must be preserved. At the same time, other professions and sectors of the economy, such as landscapers or construction, have needs in soil.

SubsTer® is a formulation engineering process that makes it possible to recycle production waste from quarries and inert site cuttings, into substitute soil that can be vegetated. This land is sold to landscapers, construction companies and communities and is an alternative to taking soil from agricultural and natural areas.

The advantages for you as Quarry operators :

  • A reduction in the volumes of unused materials.

  • Diversification of economic activity

  • Positive environmental impact 

The process ensures the production of a ground respecting French standards and traceability of materials. The invented process mobilizes mineral and organic recycled resources available locally, SubsTer® is an initiative that is part of a sustainable development, respect for the environment and foster territorial dynamics.



Microhumus works with mine and quarry managers to find sustainable career redevelopment solutions when business is shut down or in preparation for an expansion project.


Our OptimSitu®_Mines & Quarries service:

  • Site visit and diagnosis:

    • Assessment of your needs and expectations

    • Assessment of resources and agri-environmental conditions (soil, water, available materials, etc.)

  • Development of the redevelopment plan:


Soils Engineering

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Plants Engineering


Ecological Engineering


  • Tests Pilot

  • Implementation supervision

  • Monitoring

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